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About Euris

Euris is a European Equipment and Materials Distribution Company servicing the Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry...EURIS provides Full coverage of Europe with one infrastructure with offices in France, United Kingdom and Germany.

We offer to our customers new opportunities to continuously improve and accelerate their performance and enhance their competitive advantage.

We allow our Principals instant access to the European Microelectronics Market, to gain critical speed to market, helping strengthen their competitive advantage by focusing on design, process and equipment reliability.

The manufacturing industries we serve are the forefront of the European Technology :

-  Semiconductor Manufacturing and R&D
-  Magnetic Head
-  MEMS production and Micro-packaging
-  Opto Electronic
-  Prime Wafer Production, SI, SiC, InP, Sapphire, Glass
-  Photomask Manufacturing
-  Solar Cells
-  Liquid Crystal Display
-  Optical industry
-  Research Institutes

ISO Certificate

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